2020 - Engels Design and Decoration becomes Engels Surfaces!
As the market leader in Solid Surface, we have further expanded our range. We also offer AVONITE and GETACORE, as well as our own range of MARBLE.
As the exclusive importer and distributor of AVONITE, Studio Collection and AcryBright™, we are also expanding our range of materials to provide our customers with a wider range.
This creates a complete set with which you have the perfect size, thickness and color for each project.

2014 - Engels Design and Decoration has a long reputation to deliver excellent service as exclusive importer and distributor of HI-MACS Natural Acrylic Stone™. Therefor Engels Design and Decoration offered already finished sinks with the brand Lavanto, manifactured from HI-MACS. As of november 2014, Engels Design and Decoration is also exclusive importer and distributor in Belgium of Pulito, which allows us to offer molded sinks in Solid Surface Material.

2014 - The Engels Group profiles itself more than ever before, as one grouping identity and launches her vision and values, support and cooperation to our customers. The vision of  the Engels Group always offering the best possible service is not new at all. It confirms once again the mission statement of the Engels Group, to form a strong birthplace fundament for the future.

2012 - The fourth generation of the Engels family makes his entrance into the family company. They have, just as their parents, the ambition to stimulate the growth of the Engels Group.

2009 - The Engels Group remains constantly growing, avoiding too much risks.  The turnover reaches throughout 3 divisions, the cape of 30 million euros, and more than 70 fellow workers are ready to offer every day again the best possible service.

2007 - The electro market changes constantly, so the electro wholesaler has been challenged to think of creative solutions. With the foundation of the buying organization Electroservice and Electrocook, D. Engels wants to offer an answer to the buying groups.

2004 - Due to present knowledge and experience, there are new opportunities. When the opportunity is there to become exclusive partner of HI-MACS Natural Acrylic Stone™ in Belgium, a brand new division inside the Engels Group has been established, Engels Design and Decoration. Thanks to a prominent position Engels Design and Decoration can launch this product with success on the Belgian market.

2001 - Thermo Comfort changes the entire gamma of air conditioning and becomes the importer of LG in Belgium. Thanks to the good support of LG Air conditioning, Thermo Comfort becomes rather quickly the centrum of knowledge for many airco installers. This strengthens the centre of Thermo comfort on the Belgian market.

1998 - In the nineties renewable energy becomes the talk of the day. Thermo Comfort wants to be a trendsetter. Supported by Dimplex we can introduce  in a very early stage, value-for-money heat pumps on the Belgian market.

1996 - Thermo Comfort enlarges again her gamma and becomes importer of air conditioning in Belgium, thanks to the collaboration with the international brand AMCOR.

1982 - The Engels Group remains vigorous to keep as much as possible services in our own hands to keep our outstanding control on the quality.  By the end of 1982 the IT system is introduced in the company, System 34. By developing the necessary software in-house, Engels can up to the present day adapt her systems to the changing needs of customers and employees.

1978 - The new wind which the third generation is bringing with them, cherishes the ambition to keep on growing. The wholesale-department as well as Thermo Comfort are continually looking for range expansions.  Thermo Comfort is then already the reference for distribution and provision of services of electrical heating and hot-water boilers.

1974 - The third generation of the Engels family shows interest to enter the still growing family business. At this time, 17 employees are working in the company, of whom 8 family members.

1973 - In this demanding time we have at our disposal a car park and the administration is done at our own computer. Next to it, the Engels Group is still enlarging. In our showroom of 300 m² the extensive range of the prominent brands are displayed. The Dimplex information and publicity-events grow into a real tradition and strengthen the good relation with our customers. The personal approach and focus for education, are applied with conviction.

1967 - Thanks to an extensive web, the organizations D. Engels and Dimplex find each other. With the necessary experience of electrical heating, D. Engels seems to be the ideal partner for Dimplex to become importer of this brand in Belgium. This important strategic choice will continue in the establishment of Thermo Comfort.

1957 - The sons of Desiré, Oscar and Edmond are buying the company from their father.  The two brothers see everything larger and establish the wholesale trade. Initially D. Engels is distributor of electrical heating, warm water boilers and cookers.

1947 - After the war modernization works have been carried out, and they started thinking of expansion of the warehouse and shop. The purchase of the premises next door is a logical consequence and forms the birthplace for further future extensions. In the meantime the second generation of the family is active in the company and D. Engels is becoming a real family company.

1937 - The electrical and light shop moves from the Stijfselrui to the more important business street Paardenmarkt until now – where the modern showroom is still situated.

1927 - Desiré Engels and his wife start an independent electricity shop under the name D. Engels. This small electricity shop is situated at the Stijfselrui where until now our warehouses are situated.  In spite of the recession of the thirties the shop becomes an established value in Antwerp.


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